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You Do You

I am so over our competition culture.

Can we all agree to be confident enough in our own life choices that we can stop overselling them to our friends and family?  And stop arguing or at least implying that our choices are superior to theirs?

You do you.

And I'll do me.  We can all be happy doing what is best for us.  

Home school or public school or private school.  Daisies or succulents.  Cable or Netflix/Hulu or no TVs.   Disposable diapers or cloth.  Mini-van or SUV or truck.  Color your hair or go gray.  Heels or flats.  Vegan or vegetarian or flexitarian or carnivore.  Read the book or watch the movie or both.  Coke or Pepsi or "I don't drink pop."  Pop or soda or soda pop.  Run or lift weights or dance or don't.  From scratch everything or go out to eat.  Chocolate lover or someone who obviously doesn't have tastebuds.

Of course, of course, I have an opinion on all of those things (and more!).  I researched them or am drawing on past experiences or am lazy or have no willpower or whatever else we use to form our opinions.  I have found that my way works for, guess who?  Me.  And your way should work for you.  We can still be friends.  I promise.

I do however, have a couple non-negotiables.

So we can't agree to disagree on anything that dehumanizes other people.  You are just wrong in that case.  Love wins.  I won't negotiate on that.  

And, another one.  The toilet paper roll needs to be installed so that the toilet paper unravels OVER the roll.  Never under.  

Glad we can all agree on that.  


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