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Coziness cure Woes-iness

I love being cozy.

Give me sweatpants and a blankie any day.  Amiright?
Penny Lane agrees.  

Merriam-Webster Dictionary, which is all kinds of rad, defines cozy like this:

Definition of cozy




  1. 1a :  enjoying or affording warmth and ease :  snug cozy lakeside cabinb :  marked by or providing contentment or comfort won by a cozy margin
  2. 2a :  marked by the intimacy of the family or a close group We had a cozy dinner with the whole family.b :  marked by or suggesting close association or connivance cozy agreement His political opponents accused him of getting too cozy with powerful companies.
  3. 3:  marked by a discreet and cautious attitude or procedure cozy waiting game

TBH, that third option threw me.  If your vocabulary has allowed you to use the word cozy in this context, just know that I am applauding you.  

Lots of things make me feel cozy.  

  • Love notes.
  • Hot drinks, like coffee.  Sometimes I am excited to go to bed at night because when I wake up I can have a cozy cup of coffee.  Yum!
  • My husband's voice.
  • Scripture, particularly the Psalms.  Or more accurately, some Psalms.
  • Reading, in general.
  • Christmas carols.  
  • Exercising with my friends and new friends.  
  • My daughters' hugs.
  • Whiskey.
  • Movies.  
  • The ocean.  Duh.  
  • Prayer.
  • Yoga.
  • Laying in the sun.
  • Fires outside.
  • Delicious morsels of great writing.
  • Hand-holding.  Participating in or witnessing.
  • The X-Ray vest you have to wear at the dentist.
  • A hot shower.  
  • When someone plays with my hair.  
  • Meals shared with family and friends.
  • A good freakin' cry.  
  • Chocolate in all forms.  Dessert in general.  
  • A cardigan.
  • Socks right out of the dryer.
  • A knock your socks off sermon.
  • When strangers actually say supportive things about my parenting.  
  • Smelling my husband's pillow like a creeper when he is traveling.
  • Leggings.  They ARE pants.
  • Cheap sweet wine.
  • Scented candles.
  • Fresh flowers.
  • Netflix and chill.  Literally.  Watching Netflix and sitting on my couch.
  • Eating my dad's popcorn.
  • Eating my mom's cookies.
  • BEDTIME!  

    (Actual photo of me before I go to sleep.  Lucky husband.)

    But what got me thinking about the subject was farewells.

    It is so cozy to me that I can count on loved ones to say farewell to me in dependable ways. 

    (Greetings too, sometimes.  Like my husband can still be counted on for a good, "Wazzzzzzuuuup?"  And my dad always slightly opens his front door to say, "I gave at the office," when we come over.)

    But my husband's best friends, and my good friend also, always says, "Bye-bye," as his farewell.  I can count on him for that.

    And the other day, when I left my parents' house my mom walked me to the door and gave me the farewell that I can count on from her and my dad.  One that will forever make me feel like they have sent me off enveloped in their love.

    "Mmm, bye."  


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