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All You Need is Love (do, do, do-do, do)

Love is to me what smiling is to Buddy the Elf.

It is my favorite.

And love wins.  Every. Time.

  • The families at my daughters' school who take in multiple foster children and change their lives.  #winning
  • My neighbor's cousin and her wife who adopted a baby boy with Down syndrome, who passed away, and later adopted a sweet baby girl who also has Down syndrome.  #winning
  • My community that binds together every summer to work collectively to put lunches in the hands of children who might otherwise go without. *  #winning
  • My neighbors, who are engaged, and each have a child from a previous relationship, but refuse to let the breakup of those kiddos' parents get in the way of forming their new, modern family, and co-parent like champs.  #winning
  • The aunt and uncle who built a new home considering how it will best welcome their plethora of nieces and nephews.  #winning
  • My sister who lost her mom too soon, but honors her every day in the way she cares for her own family.  #winning
  • My dad, who was once told by a doctor to take good care of my mom who was at the time very ill, and has spent every day since doing just that.  #winning
  • The church that identified a need in our community to help people who need a second chance, so they raised funds and worked hard to remodel an old hospital into a place to help families get back on their feet. ** #winning
  • The church with a sign outside that makes it clear that refugees are welcome.  ***#winning
  • The daughter who had her elderly mother live with her until she had to make the hard and right decision to move her somewhere with more help, and visits her all the time with an incredible amount of patience.  #winning
  • The barbecue restaurant that burned down right before it had a grand opening, but was supported and loved on by the community, and then returned the favor when the town was damaged by extreme weather.  #winning
  • The woman who took a risk and was vulnerable with her friend, exposing her flaws, and was met with a me too moment, and now their friendship is built on complete honesty, without pretense, because they see the beauty in each other's brokenness.  #winning

Love is winning all over the dang place.  

I suspect that you too thought of example of love winning in your life.  Add to my list in the comments on this blog post.  #winning

Want to hear more about some of the love winners?


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