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Fitness That Fits

Once upon a time,

I was working at a local gym, teaching group fitness.  My best friend (aka gym wife) and I taught a dance fitness class, and used our own choreography, but also a lot we found on the internet.  (Shout out to the internet!  You have all the things!)  In this search, we discovered this YouTube channel:

We loved the choreography, but were really taken by the music.  It was familiar and fun, but also we immediately noticed the values of the songs.  Our gym is in a church, so the lyrics and meanings were especially significant to us because of that, but also to us personally.  And then we noticed...

REFIT® was coming to Kansas City that fall to do a training!!!

We got approval and encouragement from our boss to sign up.  We were so excited!

Flash Forward...

It was now October, and I had signed up for the training, but my gym wife was no longer working at the gym, so I was going alone.  I was nervous and as a true Missourian, completely skeptical.  I had another dear friend come with me to the Experience Class the night before, and she sent me a sweet, encouraging text the morning of the training.  And while I knew-ish a few of the people there, I mostly felt alone, and eye-rolly.  I can't help it.  I am an eye-roller, and I question everything.  

I was sure these founders of this company were going to be annoying Fitness Girls, and that their message was going to be super cheesy.  

But what I found...

was that their intention behind this fitness revolution was and will always be community.  And if you know me, you know I am passionate about community.  REFIT® set an intention to revolutionize the fitness industry by offering a class, an experience that transcends the idea that fitness is about perfection, instead it is about participation; it isn't just for the fit, it is for the willing.  

"The heart is a muscle and a soul.  REFIT® builds both."  

-REFIT® founders

So I was wrong.

My training wasn't lame or scary.  It was uplifting and encouraging.  The same spirit you would find in any REFIT® class, all around the country, all around the world.  Radical welcome and a great workout that works for you.  Fitness that fits.  

Have you tried REFIT®?  Tell me about it.

Want to learn more?  Click here to go to their website.  You can look for a local class or sign up for their on demand service.  

Note:  The above images and the name REFIT® are the property of that company.  I used them with permission because they are an awesome thoughtful company who provides instructors with a plethora of resources.  The below doodles are original, but the REFIT® name and logo are the property of the company.  These images are for personal use only.  


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