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Autumn is the school word for fall. -Junie B. Jones

Tomorrow is the unofficial, official start of fall.

Today is Labor Day, and that makes tomorrow the day after Labor Day.  Which means, goodbye summer, hello fall!  Even though the equinox isn't until September 22, we kind of just agree to pretend that tomorrow is the official first day of fall, no matter what the calendar or thermometer say.  

I love fall.

I really love all the seasons (which is a good thing, living in the Midwest), but I fell in love with Fall again because both of my daughters have their birthdays in this season, also because of mellowcreme pumpkins.  I love those little boogers.  (Both my daughters and the candy.)
Frame this cutie and it makes the perfect addition to your fall decor.

I also love pumpkin spice lattes (basic), boots, sweaters, crisp temps, fall scented candles, pot roast, the pumpkin patch, the changing color of leaves, and Halloween. Nothing beats a mild, sunny fall afternoon followed by a crisp, clear fall evening.  Sigh.  So much to look forward to!  Except...


I just don't love it.  It takes forever, there is always a game on, and I don't even wanna watch one.  Asking me to watch football is like asking my husband to read a chick lit novel.  Not gonna happen.  But, like many of you, my husband loves football season, especially college football, but also NFL.  So, I am learning to compromise.  It is easier because the girls are older, and I don't feel so stuck in the trenches anymore.  I can give him his space to watch some football (still not all the football), without being grouchy the rest of the weekend.
So, here's to you, football lovers, enjoy screaming at the TV, talking rankings and stats, managing your fantasy teams, painting your faces or bellies, and cracking a cold one open in front of the TV.  THIS IS YOUR TIME!  

You can't have football without fall.

Click here to download Season of FootbALL doodle.

And here's to you, everyone else, sneaking out the door to grab a pumpkin spice latte in leggings and/or a slouchy sweater, planning your trip to the pumpkin patch, searching Pinterest for a great costume idea, or obsessing about decorating your house for fall.  THIS IS YOUR TIME TOO!

Long live fall, y'all.  
Because just around the corner is her frigid bitch of a sister, winter.  


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